The Studios: Classes

We offer a wide variety of classes daily, challenging our clients with different workouts that push them to the next level. Our expert team of instructors keep classes fun and fresh. We provide individual attention for each client, as well as modifications, no matter your fitness level.

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Yoga and Pilates

SC Yoga offers a variety of classes for beginners through advanced yogis. We offer a broad range of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Gentle practice classes, as well as exciting new flows including Yin Vin and Power Pose.

SC Yoga is also home to many of our strength training programs that use body weight, light weights and bands to tone, lengthen and build long, lean muscle. These low-impact classes produce serious results. Give Body Architecture a try, or join us for a "Barre-less" Barre class.

All classes are held in our brand new tranquil space, tucked away on the third floor of our facility. The studio is equipped with a special heating system that heats the space above 80 degrees for our heated classes. It is also outfitted with special lighting and hardwood floors, creating a calming, natural atmosphere. Bolsters, Mexican blankets, blocks and straps are available for use during class.

Cardiovascular and Strength Training

The SCML Studios Cardiovascular and Strength Training classes will quickly become your favorite part of your workout routine. Our talented instructors ensure that each class challenges participants of every level, to drive results. Our strength training classes vary from body-weight training in classes such as TRX, to weight - based workouts in classes like BodyPump, to toning fusion classes such as CardioBarre. Our selection of interval and circuit training classes provide a complete workout in quick, action-packed 1 hour sessions. Our strictly cardio classes, such as Red Hot Dance Fitness and Zumba, will get your heart pumping and blood flowing, for that feel-good workout. Join us for a class to see what we're all about!


All spin classes take place in our state of the art studio, The Spin Room, complete with stadium platforms, high-tech lighting and inspiring wall features. All classes promise an intense cardiovascular workout, with steep hills, winding roads, sprints and more. THIS IS WHAT SPIN IS!